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'Chaotic Comets' is an endless space shooter that supports one or two players. Play as a spacecraft tasked with clearing a field of asteroids, constantly on the lookout for enemy crafts that will hurt you and canisters that will help you.

Latest Version - 1.3 (June 2020)

  • New UFO type added, and both type's AI have been improved greatly.
  • High Score board added to main menu. Tracks top 10 scores for each game mode.
  • The game's gotten more difficult. Player ship has reduced base stats. Asteroids travel faster.
  • Interactive Tutorial added. Teaches the player game concepts with keyboard or Xbox controller prompts. Help screen improved.
  • Two auto-save slots, one for each game mode. Cheat mode added to Options.
  • Lots of QOL changes, bug fixes, and backend code improvements. Full changelog is in the download.

Plans for Version 1.4

My long-term plans for this project include adding enhancing the gameplay loop with things such as extra enemies and bonus items, supporting up to 4 players, and redoing the Shop area to be much more interesting.

Updates to the game are currently on hold, as I want to work on another project after working on 1.3 for two months.

My main inspiration for the game is Maelstrom, a space shooter published by Ambrosia Software from 1992.

Online multiplayer

The game currently only supports local co-op, although multiplayer is possible online through a third-party tool called 'Parsec'. Controllers may not work correctly, this hasn't been extensively tested yet.


I coded the game with initial help from the Asteroids Tutorial by Scripting is Fun. They really helped with the first two weeks or so of creating fundamentals for the game.

In-game I use particles from the Unity Particle Pack, music from Ultimate Game Music Collection and audio from Universal Sound FX. Controller support is from Rewired. All code attributions can be found in the attributions.txt file.

GitHub Repo

Source code can be found in my GitHub repository.

Categories: #multiplayer #shooter #retro

Install instructions

Download the file, extract the contents, and run 'Chaotic Comets' to play. More info can be found in 'readme.txt'.

The game launches with either mouse or Xbox controller usable on the menus.


Chaotic Comets 1.3 (Win).zip 55 MB
Chaotic Comets 1.3 (Mac).zip 56 MB
Chaotic Comets 1.3 (Linux).zip 57 MB

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