'Chaotic Comets' is an endless space shooter. Play as a spacecraft tasked with clearing a field of asteroids, constantly on the lookout for enemy aliens that will hurt you and canisters that will help you.


  • Can be played alone or with two players. Controllers are supported
  • A shop packed with eight upgradable stats allows the player to progress through the rounds in their own way
  • Two enemy types. The red UFO is fleeting, but the green UFO duels the player until either perishes
    • Both have a retreat mechanic - trying to escape on low health, giving the player an opportunity to take them out
  • Canisters carry temporary but powerful munitions
  • Two difficulty modes
  • An interactive Tutorial
  • Fun distractions: a Cheat mode for spawning props/powerups and a Multi-colour Asteroids mode that gives those lumps of space rock a splash of paint


Chaotic Comets began life as a final university project in late 2018. The game has gone through multiple updates. Major development is complete as of April 2021, after three years of on-and-off work on the project. A WebGL build with minor changes was released in June 2023.

The inspirations for this game are Maelstrom and Asterax, space shooter games I've played since I was a child.

Online Multiplayer

The game only supports local co-op. Multiplayer is possible online using the third-party tool 'Parsec'.


Particles: Unity Particle Pack. Music: Ultimate Game Music Collection. Audio: Universal Sound FX. Controller Support: Rewired.

Source Code

Source code can be found on my GitHub repository.

Categories: #multiplayer #shooter #retro


Chaotic Comets v1.5 (Win).zip 61 MB
Chaotic Comets v1.5 (Linux).zip 60 MB

Install instructions

Download the file, extract the contents, and run 'Chaotic Comets' to play. More info can be found in 'readme.txt'.

The game has keyboard & controller support.

Development log

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